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Thrive by Effective Meetings

Thrive by Effective Meetings

Customized programs for peer leaders, managers and/or for teams: To replace the regular ``stew meeting`` with an overall strategic approach where each meeting has its unique purpose and function (Inspired and based on Patrick Lencioni's Death by Meeting)

Common clients’ requests (For face to face or virtual)
• Ensure that the purpose and agenda is relevant to all
• Replace boring, disengaging meetings with inspiring and productive ones
• Minimize the waste of time of unfocused and dispersive talks
• For everyone to contribute constructively and not stay stuck in ‘problem talk’
• EQ facilitation skills to lead fruitful decision making and get out blame game dynamics
• Be able to deal, there and then, with unexpected meeting’s needs
• Be able to facilitate, resolve, engage and inspire
• For the communication in the meeting to feel authentic and safe

Framework and models
To improve your team meeting
• Method PREPARED® for meetings, Dorotea’s 8 steps framework to prepare and facilitate effective and engaging meetings.

To transform the meeting culture of the whole organization
• Bestselling Author of Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni’s renowned theories strongly recommending the replacement of the regular ``Stew meeting`` with an overall strategic approach with 4 types of meetings, each with its unique purpose and function:
(1)Daily check-in, (2)Weekly Tactical, (3)Monthly Strategic, (4)Quarterly Off-site

Results and Benefits (For face to face or virtual)
• Clear and relevant Purpose with aligned Agenda
• Time smart preparation and facilitation
• Enhanced EI facilitation skills to create a safe space for a healthy conflict of ideas
• Greater Cultural Intelligence to generate diversity of thinking before decision making
• Boosted communication impact, true connection and spontaneity
• Communication mastery of responding in the now to the meeting’s arising needs
• Heightened sense of relevant contributions and mutual listening from each attendee
• Facilitation skills to extract the key learning and messages and to open a clear way forward with action plans and commitments

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