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Each Program is made for You

Our approach is to customize

We provide you with a clear framework of suggested areas of focus, based on the typical challenges shared by our clients. Once you identify your main areas of challenge, we then start the process of designing a program for you according to your unique needs and requests. We often propose 2-3 consecutive modules programs, leaving the choice to our client to continue building on the previous results.

We make programs for individual leaders and managers, for groups of peers and for teams. We deliver programs in person or virtually. For each project our team of certified coaches and facilitators ensures that your program may be multiplied and scaled up to hundreds without losing its bespoke quality.

Blended Learning programs

Our winning formula is to combine mobile 'micro-learning' moments, powered by Gnowbe with live workshops and individual coaching.

What is mobile micro-learning? We accompany our participants before, during and after with curated, digital, bite-size moments of exercises, learning and reflection, The option of framing and extending our programs, with mobile-first, digital sessions which they can take on the go, greatly enhances the impact and sustainability for each participant.

Over the years, we have helped organizations in 6 main recurrent areas.

Virtual Team Collaboration

Customized programs for teams with their managers:

To create, rebuild and/or maintain a strong virtual team spirit and engage productive collaboration at distance.

Virtual Leadership Competencies

Customized programs for peer leaders and managers without their teams:

To reinforce/develop the competencies needed for inspirational leadership and for engaging remote management.

The Art of Flexible Presentations

Customized programs for peer leaders, managers and/or for teams:

To achieve the communication mastery of adapting your presentation and of responding on the go to unexpected meeting's needs.

Happy, Productive Teams

Customized programs for teams with their managers:

To tap into teams' strengths, transform teams' dysfunctions and engage teams' performance

Thrive by Effective Meetings

Customized programs for teams with their managers:

To replace the regular ``stew meeting`` with an overall strategic approach where each meeting has its unique purpose and function

Inspired by Patrick Lencioni's Death by Meeting

Cultural Calibration & Inclusion

Customized programs for peer leaders, managers and/or for teams:

To generate inclusion and sustainable work relationships where cultural and gender diversity needs to be addressed

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