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Amazon Customer Review

This book has great advice on how to connect with your audience and truly impact audiences - whether speaking in public, in small groups, or with individuals. One of the book's headlines, ``be yourself and develop heartfelt presence`` sums up the essence of the book quite nicely. This book goes way beyond any standard speaking-skills book. Take for instance the section about how to respond to your audience' needs - it contains very useful practical advice on how to impact with your communication. I can fully recommend this book to anybody who wants to bring their speaking skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills to the next level!

Amazon Customer review

This book is very unusual for a leadership communications ‘how to’ manual. It is, essentially, a very good guide (actually one of the best that I have read) in how to communicate in business, with its many practical exercises and common-sense processes. Two things make it different, and better, than others:

Firstly, it uses a coaching approach, in which the reader learns with the help of the author as the coach. Learning is much more valuable than teaching, and the author facilitates this for the reader with her coaching style.

Secondly, the book harnesses the power of emotion from the reader’s heart to ‘drive the head’ in communicating, as a real leader should.

As a tool to imagine and communicate a persuasive vision and to exercise influence throughout the organisation, this book is invaluable. I strongly recommend it to business leaders, and to those who are destined for leadership.

Amazon Customer Review

Dorotea wrote in a cheerful manner a heartfelt encouragement to all of us. It appeals to the buddhist practitioner as well as the 'layman and woman'.

She successfully applies buddhist wisdom to your professional or private world. Her insights are refreshing and creative.

Often we view our spiritual believes to be separated from our daily tribulations, or we try and impose a very restrictive application of our convictions on others. Dorotea penned down an appealing application to our lives.

Amazon Customer Review

Dorotea writes (and teaches) in a very special way: very clear, funny and very pragmically teaching with immediate value for the reader's everyday life in business.

Her new book on ``heart to heart communication@work`` takes one step further from what we already learned in her first brilliant book. This time Dorotea enables to better understand how to become a natural and self-confident speaker by using the ability to link to others - and to our own mind.

Especially valuable for me is her thought of acknowledging negative emotions - and thus being able to drop the ``façade``. Giving an insight into easily understanding the emotions of others with whom we communicate is extraordinary valuable as well.

Dorotea invites to learn how to use ``9 compassionate facilitation skills``, how to create ``exploring dialogues``, ``constructive dialogues`` and let yourself be surprised by the ``Mars and Venus in dialogue``.

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