Your Communication Challenges

What are your main challenges regarding your communication skills?

Is your next presentation giving you a headache?

My clients’ typical challenges for presentation skills

1. Lack of preparation time

2. Lack of clarity

3. Lack of motivation

4. Mismatch with audience’ expectations

Oh no, another endless,

useless meeting

My clients’ typical challenges for effective meetings

1. Lack of preparation time

2. No stated purpose

3. No clear Agenda

4. No facilitator

5. Absence of key contributors and decision makers

How to survive in the midst

of company politics?

My clients’ typical challenges for interpersonal skills

1. Lack of clarity

2. Misunderstandings

3. No emotional competence

4. Lack of common vision

5. No shared values

6. No team spirit

"In her one day workshop Dorotea was able to bring out a strength of voice in people that I never knew they had. With her tuition they were able to command attention and demonstrate authority."

Jonathan O’Byrne, CEO of Collective Works PTE LTD

With me you can develop your Heartfelt Communication Skills and achieve

Uplifting Presentations, Speeches and Business Pitches that match your audience’ needs

Effective and Fruitful Meetings

that give a sense of direction

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills

for Inspirational Leadership