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Through Heartfelt Pitching

One day workshop with Dorotea Brandin

At last the one day event that TRANSFORMS your IMPACT when you are Pitching

If when you speak to an audience, your inner critic paralyses you

If it is as if you are trapped in a bubble which stops you from sharing your passion

If in spite of all your preparation you forget what you want to say

If no matter what you do or say, your listeners are losing interest and your words have no impact

​If this is currently you, then this workshop completely transforms your IMPACT. You will practice to enter a state of ‘flow’ and inspire your listeners to action with Heartfelt Pitching. We need to pitch all the time, unfortunately because it becomes part of our routine behaviour, we sometimes pitch in an automatic, recited way, losing the heart and soul of our message. This workshop is to help you make sure that you overcome stage fright and access your passion, your authenticity and your spontaneity every time you pitch and most of all, that you succeed in truly connecting with your listeners. If you want to get ‘buy-in’ from investors and clients and you also want to motivate your team with a powerful vision, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop enables you to

-Achieve Heartfelt Presence when you Pitch          

-Share your passion and ideas with confidence and clarity   

-Establish true connection with a larger audience

-Influence and inspire others to action                         

Betty C AshmanFounder of Expat Fairs PTE LTD

The biggest thing I learned from Dorotea is how to connect my Passion in my speech in every way – energy, posture, mindset. It was a wonderful insight and practice I learnt from her. I would highly recommend Dorotea to anyone who needs to achieve Heartfelt Presence in their speech.

Outline of the workshop

Create your Heartfelt Pitch

  • Mind, heart and body alignment
  • The attitude behind the words
  • ​The central question in their heart(s)
  • Organize the storyline of your pitch

Build your Heartfelt Presence

  • The Good Posture
  • Learn the breathing technique
  • Learn to project your voice
  • Tones and colors of your voice
  • Practice your voice projection

Establish true connection

  • Practice the ‘Inclusive eye contact’
  • In pairs, practice your pitch heart to heart
  • Counter the reading trap
  • Practice your Heartfelt Pitch to the Group

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Washington Room #26-02

10 Anson Road International Plaza Singapore 079903


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Fun and Practical

The workshop is held in a safe, conducive and fun atmosphere. It is highly practical and experiential so that each participant can understand by doing. Alternating exercises and conversations, I will take you step by step to build your skills to achieve Heartfelt Pitching.

Ooi Lay Yong

Co-Founder of Pilates Body Tree PTE LTD

You have touched me in so many ways by sharing your craft generously. You practiced what you teach - speaking from the heart, and it is like magic - the connection and the energy that happen between the speaker and audience. It was an invaluable day for me. I highly recommend entrepreneurs to attend your workshops - you have so much to share and you thoroughly celebrate each person's transformation.

I have been in Sales for the last twenty years and thought I was pretty fine with presentation, until I attended Dorotea’s workshop and found out that the ‘ONE SHOT ONE KILL’ style isn’t the most powerful and effective method to present to a group. During her session, I have learnt to COMMUNICATE with each of the “LISTENERS” speaking with CLARITY on the subject, and with a truly CONVINCING pitch, harnessing both the hard and soft skills necessary in presentation. If you don’t believe that the POWER of CONNECTION is possible in group communication, then try this workshop. You will not look back but only LEAP forward.

Pang Thai Jiuan
Founder of Burgeon Bricks PTE LTD