About Method PREPARED™

Method PREPAREDTM is an all-round framework of eight steps which helps you to prepare your Mind, your Heart and your Physical Presence to better focus on the two-way dynamic of communication. It enables you to deliver flexi-presentations in a conversational and spontaneous way.

For the preparation of your mind

The method stimulates you to develop ideas in a creative way so as to be passionate and convincing no matter how ‘technical’ the topic. You learn how to structure the flexibility of your presentation with the goal to then adapt and respond to the receptivity and changing mood of your ‘live’ audience.

For the preparation of your heart, it helps you to fine tune your awareness about attitudes and emotions. Body language is shown as a wonderful tool to achieve congruence between mind, heart and body. You enlarge your awareness about attitudes, emotions, thought patterns and beliefs, first for yourself, and then for your future listeners.

You learn to observe and understand the functioning of negative emotions, for instance disagreement or resistance to an idea to then use your emotional competence to deal with the situation. You train to perceive the changing mood of your audience during delivery.

Using the ‘Flexi-map’ tool, you integrate the skills to respond in the moment to the changing mood of your future ‘live’ audience. Speaking with the audience rather than to the audience requires such enlarged sensitivity.

For your physical preparation, you practice the good posture and the correct breathing techniques so as to sustain the production of your voice and never get a sore throat

You also practice the difference between a flimsy eye contact and a generous, inclusive one where true connection can take place.

The problems that my methodology addresses

From the beginning I have helped my clients to solve three major communication skills obstacles.

As these problems are intertwined, solving one of them has a positive impact on the other two.

The problem of the lack of preparation time

The problem of the disengaged ‘Presentation Mode’

The dilemma of wanting to match the expectations of the audience

“Dorotea's workshops are exceptional. It was wonderful seeing how the entire team improved so much after one day under her guidance. We learned to connect with the audience to truly get attention. Dorotea's brings techniques from her theatre days to spellbind audiences through breathing correctly, using your voice, eye contact and -not least!- passion. A true heartfelt experience. “

-Mette Johansson

The problem of the lack of preparation time

It typically triggers the following ‘vicious circle’

1. They feel awful about their last presentation and they dread the next one.

2. They procrastinate or get someone to do it for them and they leave their preparation to the last moment.

3. They prepare under stress and believe their adrenaline makes the difference.

4. They struggle to do the best they can.

5. They have no time to rehearse and internalize their presentation.

6. They perform in survival mode, fear the blank and do not connect with their listeners.

7. When it is finished, they feel awful about their presentation and dread the next one.

The problem of the disengaged ‘Presentation Mode’

People who are trapped in the bubble of the ‘Presentation Mode’ look and behave like this

1. Their voice becomes monotonous as they all adopt a disengaged tone.

2. They are incapable of establishing true connection with their listeners, as they speak mainly to the screen or to their laptop. They have expressionless eyes.

3. Most have their hands in their pockets.

The dilemma of wanting to match the expectations of the audience

They feel stuck when their presentation misfits the audience’ expectations

1. They attempt to match anticipated, specific expectations from the audience and then feel at a loss when they find out those expectations turn out to be different in the happening.

2. This brings us to the dilemma that all presenters face during preparation. On the one hand, they must shape their content to match their listeners’ expectations; on the other hand, there is no way that they can know them with certainty.

I created the method PREPARED to address the three above mentioned problems which are clearly preventing business leaders from making compelling presentations and speeches, that have the power to inspire, influence and motivate to action. The method enables you to make the most out of your spare time. It stimulates you to substitute once and for all the vicious circle of ‘I dread and hate my next presentation’ with the virtuous cycle of ‘I love presenting and look forward to inspiring my next audience'. The disengaged lukewarmth of the ‘Presentation Mode’ is replaced by lively spontaneity and Heartfelt Presence. After over 10 years of experience as communication coach, my observation is that whether you are giving a speech, holding a meeting or having an informal chat, if your heart is not in it, you will have little impact. Lastly but not least you also develop the capacity to respond to your audience ‘expectations in the now.

By optimizing your use of time the method helps you enter a virtuous cycle

The method PREPARED addresses the issue of being time poor. It stimulates you to start several weeks in advance and requires you to use only pockets of your spare time for your preparation. It reminds you how to trigger your unconscious to work for you in the ‘backstage mode’. To create the new behavioral reflexes you need, you will use your everyday exchanges as training ground to further develop your soft skills, therefore optimizing your self-training time as well. The ‘vicious circle’ of the poor preparation dynamic required me to create a whole framework to help my clients achieve a fundamental shift of attitude which results in the following ‘virtuous cycle’.

The seven phases of the ‘virtuous cycle’

1. I feel awful about my last presentation but I decide to improve drastically.

2. I am proactive and start preparing several weeks in advance

3. I enjoy finding pockets of time and I learn how to stimulate my unconscious to work for me in the ‘backstage mode’

4. I find my preparation exciting and enjoyable even without the adrenaline boost

5. I take the time to rehearse until I have fully integrated the story line of my messages

6. When I perform, I transform my stage fright into energy to connect; I enjoy the connection with my audience and enter a state of flow

7. When it is finished, I feel great about the presentation and I look forward to the next opportunity to inspire my listeners

Replace the ‘Presentation Mode’ with Heartfelt Presence

The Method combines coaching conversations with training sessions and the whole process enables you to get out of the bubble of the ‘Presentation Mode’ and achieve Heartfelt Presence instead. What I mean by Heartfelt Presence is the combination of authentic presence and the capacity to connect, perceive and respond to your audience’s current mood and needs.

When you develop your Heartfelt Presence as the core of your communication skills, it enables you to achieve uplifting presentations, speeches and business pitches attuned to the present mood of your listeners. It also stimulates you to facilitate effective and fruitful meetings and finally, it enhances the quality and duration of your business relationships. Heartfelt Presence is about being there with your heart responsive and receptive to what is going on around you. It is about creating the space for connection in your heart.

By preparing your flexibility in advance, you are able to respond to the change of mood of your audience

The goal of the method is to help you achieve spontaneous, lively and clear communication. Truly connecting with your listeners, inspired by your intuitive wisdom, you will say the right thing at the right time, in the right way. Having prepared your ‘Adaptive presentation skills’ with specific flexibility tools you will enter a state of flow where you focus on establishing rapport with your listeners.

With your trained emotional competence, you will be able to gauge the non-verbal reactions of your audience (interlocutors) and adapt in the moment your discourse to give them what they really need in order to best understand your main messages.

Intuitive responses occur fast, having been prepared, your ‘emotional intelligence’ will take over and bring up the right examples, rhetorical questions, experiences, facts or stories corresponding to the ‘live needs’ of your listeners/interlocutors. All this will happen before your rational mind will even have noticed. An audience expresses itself non-verbally at all times, and a perceptive speaker notices and responds to the predominant change of mood of the audience.

“I have been in Sales for the last twenty years and thought I was pretty fine with presentation, until I attended Dorotea’s workshop and found out that the ONE SHOT ONE KILL style isn’t the most powerful and effective method to present to a group. During her session, I have learnt to COMMUNICATE with each of the “LISTENERS” speaking with CLARITY on the subject, and with a truly CONVINCING pitch, harnessing both the hard and soft skills necessary in presentation. If you don’t believe that the POWER of CONNECTION is possible in group communication, then try this workshop. You will not look back but only LEAP forward.”

Pang Thai Jiuan, Founder of Burgeon Bricks PTE LTD