Bespoke Programs

Working with me

What are your main challenges regarding your presentation or your interpersonal skills?

Let's meet and discuss how I can help you improve your communication skills

My areas of expertise cover

. 'Adaptive Presentation skills'

. Effective and fruitful meetings​

. Facilitation skills​

. Heartfelt Pitching​

. Body Language

. Emotional Competence

.'Intelligence of the Heart'

. Influencing skills

. Authentic leadership communication

I work with

· Business owners and managers

· Corporate leaders and managers


Picture Courtesy of Angela Ognev

Bespoke Program framework

1. We set up a meeting for me to understand your specific needs

2. I draft a customized journey using a combination of training and coaching sessions

3. After we evaluate together if you are willing to do the work for the program, I send you a proposal

4. We go through the coaching/training program and adjust it to your progress speed

5. At the completion of the program, we evaluate your achievements and set up your Personalized Communication Development tools

6. Two months later, we follow up and assess your progress and outcomes

7. If you wish to, you then enter my CCC referral program and benefit from my current offer


“I have hired Dorotea several times for Internal Trainings at IMD. She is very attentive to the needs of the trainings as well as the customers' requirements. For tailored training content, she is very adaptable, willing and working hard, very enjoyable personality. I highly recommend her.”

​Charlotte Veldekens Gale, Program and Training Manager at IMD 2003-2007, Lausanne, Switzerland

“Dorotea provided communication skills training which proved a huge success in particular due to one to one coaching sessions which accompanied the workshops. I personally received coaching and learnt a lot from this and still today consider the elements when communicating or presenting in public. I highly recommend Dorotea!”

Fiona Walker, Head of HR Operations, International Trade Centre, Geneva Switzerland

“Dorotea Brandin has been working for Lufthansa Systems in Budapest between 2008 and 2011. She has been creating very special programs that were based on the needs of our business strategy: A talent program for our high potentials and a leadership program for our management team. Her contributions have increased the communication skills of our teams significantly. From my personal perspective the very special contribution of Dorotea has three major sources:

1. Dorotea‘s extraordinary gift to intelligently explore a business situation and to quickly understand the language and interaction with customers and partners.

2. Dorotea’s skills as an actress – knowing the physical and psychological system of the human body and mind intuitively very well.

3. Dorotea’s ability to teach in a very light and innovative way how to create a true dialogue in complex, sometimes very competitive environments.”

Monika Houck, CEO Lufthansa Systems Kft Budapest, 2011