About Dorotea

I am professional communication trainer and a certified ‘Solution Focused’ coach. My first career was theatre and I have twelve years of stage experience. To my parents’ great joy before I started my acting career, I obtained a Master of Arts from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.


In an increasing soulless and digitalized world, where dialogue is giving way to fragmented exchanges, my passion is to bring back heartfelt communication in the work environment. In the hope to make a small difference, I followed my urge to write two books on authentic, effective and emotional intelligent communication.


"A very thoughtful and interesting read about how to truly connect with your audience whether it be individually or in a group. After reading this book I trust you will be able to engage with heartfelt presence and that is the best connection of all."

-Scott Friedman

Since 2002, I have coached and trained hundreds of leaders and managers to communicate with Heartfelt Presence enabling them to better inspire and influence others. Whether they are giving a speech, holding a meeting or having an informal chat they know that if their heart is not in it, they will have no impact.

“I believe that heart to heart(s) communication is possible within the work environment. It is about achieving consistency when we speak, by remaining receptive to mind, heart and body. It is about connecting to our values and calling on the 'intelligence of our heart' every time we speak and listen. It is about stepping into our ‘Greater Self’ by revealing the full potential of every situation and every person, including ourselves.”Dorotea Brandin, Heart to heart(s) communication@work

Here in Singapore, I am the founder of Core Communication Coaching and I specialize in helping entrepreneurs to speak with passion about their business. With me they transform their fear of the blank and they also free themselves from the consequences of the disengaging stiffness that comes with the ‘Presentation Mode’. They experience and learn how to establish true connection with their listeners.


Executive Communication Coach, Solution Focus Coach,

Corporate Trainer, Author, Founder of Core Communication Coaching

MA, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

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Dorotea Brandin is a professional Coach, Author and Communication Trainer who also has twelve years of stage experience as theatre actress. http://Dorotea-Brandin.com She is the author of two books, ‘Speaking WITH Your Audience’, 2nd Edition, 2014 and ‘Heart to heart(s) communication @ work’ published in 2013. The two are practical workbooks encouraging an all-round approach to achieve responsible, compassionate and effective communication within the work context. Born in Switzerland, Dorotea studies and lives in several countries, she speaks English, French and Italian and is sensitive to different mentalities.

In 2002, Dorotea starts her activity as an Executive Communication Coach with I.J. Martin & Co ltd, Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders. http://ijmartin.com She creates her innovative coaching method for communication. It centres on achieving consistency between mind, heart and body. To this date, Dorotea has helped hundreds of corporate leaders and managers to communicate with sincerity, Heartfelt Presence and responsiveness to what is needed in the moment. Her coaching approach enables her clients to develop their ‘Value-listening skills’ as well as their self-awareness. They develop their emotional intelligence and learn to respond with flexibility to the needs of their listeners.

From 2005 to 2007, parallel to her activity as coach in communication skills, she pursues her coaching education with Ian Mc Dermott at the International Teaching Seminars in London. http://itsnlp.com She continues with Peter Szabo in Basel, who trains in ‘Solution Focused, Brief Coaching’. http://solutionsurfers.com (Both approved by ICF which she joins in 2005). As a ‘Solution Focus Coach’ Dorotea enjoys seeing her clients achieve clarity regarding their goals, and connecting to their values while resolving their issues. Recurring clients until 2011:

Fortune 50 US Chemicals Corporation

Major UN Org (Geneva)

Shire , (Nyon)

I.J. Martin & Co ltd

Intrum Justitia (Zug)

Major Swiss Bank

Lufthansa Systems, (Budapest)

IMD, (Lausanne)

Leading Travel Service Group

Philips Int. (Amsterdam)

Ventures Worldwide, (Nyon)

Celgene International, (Geneva)

International Trade Center , (Geneva)

In 2011 Dorotea moves to Singapore as she is hired to carry out a six months ‘Train the trainers’ communication program for a local NGO, an extraordinary human adventure which enlarges her perception of Asian mentalities and behaviours. On a volunteer basis, for 16 months, she then leads and supports the team of 28 communication trainers to carry out this enrichment training program for more than a thousand leaders within the NGO. In 2012, planning to stay in Singapore, Dorotea founds her sole proprietorship called Core Communication Coaching. http://CCC.sg