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"I am Dorotea and I help Business Leaders to communicate their passion with authenticity, spontaneity and impact."

When I began working as a communication coach in the corporate world, I was shocked to observe that all my clients shared a major common problem which I later coined the ‘Presentation Mode’. Leaders that would be lively and engaging underwent a sudden transformation when standing next to a slide show and seemed to lose their personality altogether. People that fall in the trap of the ‘Presentation Mode’ look and behave like this:

Their voice becomes monotonous as they all adopt a flat and disengaged tone of voice. They are incapable of establishing true eye contact and connection with their listeners, as they speak mainly to the screen or to their laptop. Their eyes become expressionless. They forget to breathe. Most have their hands in their pockets while they speak...

"The Art Of Doing


Dorotea Brandin

Welcome to Core Communication Coaching

Since very young I became fascinated about communication and the methodology I created in 2002, as a professional communication coach, is the result of many years of observation about the dynamics of communication both as University student and then as professional theatre actress.

I have 12 years of stage experience which brought me invaluable insights about communication and interaction. In the last 5 years, I crystallized all my practical experience in three books. Here in Singapore, I continue to offer customized coaching programs for corporations. I also help SME owners to speak with passion, clarity and confidence about their business and to create an effective and heartfelt communication culture within their company.

“The positive difference Dorotea’s communication programs have made for us was significant – she supported us to overcome the borders of engineers -being used to think in technical terms. We learned how to be clear, precise and how to touch the heart of our customers. We simply loved working with Dorotea and our customers started to get closer to us. Full of admiration and gratitude, I recommend Dorotea Brandin for similar programs.”

Monika Houck, CEO Lufthansa Systems Kft, Budapest, 2011

“Dorotea's workshops are exceptional. It was wonderful seeing how the entire team improved so much after one day under her guidance. We learned to connect with the audience to truly get attention. Dorotea's brings techniques from her theatre days to spellbind audiences through breathing correctly, using your voice, eye contact and -not least!- passion. A true heartfelt experience. “

Mette Johansson, Owner and Head Trainer at MetaMind Training, Singapore, 2015

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